Eyeliner for every Eye Shape

Every face is unique, every look is special and everyone is beautiful in their own way. With that said, you should remember that every make up application is unique. It is understandable that there are people who would struggle with a particular application more than the others. That is totally normal. The magic of makeup is something that is always going to result into wonder, even if you think that it is badly put on it would still look wonderful to you.

In this particular article, you will focus more on the eyeliner. Eyeliner for beginners is a little bit difficult to master. Look at those perfect cat eyes or whatnot, they are pretty difficult to recreate if you haven’t mastered the application yet. However, the real tea about it is that there are different ways that you can put on your eyeliner depending on the shape of your eyes.

Eye Shape

If you don’t want to waste your time putting eyeliner on your face every day, you can go to a shop and get yourself a pretty cool lash lift and tint. Of course, that would require commitment and a serious case of considering this and that. So, here are some eyeliners techniques for every eye shape there is.

1. Hooded Eyes

Use a pretty good marker with a pretty good tapered tip to make the job easy. So, the look is a pretty good look a very thick winged lined that would lift your eye shape. Finish it off with a coat of mascara to bring the focus to your eyes rather than your lids.

2. Almond Eyes

Draw a thin line in the inner edges then it gets thicker as it moves to the outer corner. This will enhance the eyes shape dramatically and the best liner to use for this kind of eye shape is a self-sharpening pencil.

3. Downturned Eyes

Finish the eyeliner with an upward sweep so that you can lift that shape up. That little flick brings out the body and lifts that shape, use a felt tip black liner to get the look pretty easily.

4. Round Eyes

The trick to making this eye shape look more oval is to draw it thickest in the center or also known as the top lash. To make the look easier to get use a gel-cream formula for your personal liner.

5. Small Eyes

If you have a small set of peepers. The easiest way for you to make it look a little bit bigger is to use a light-colored liner. Draw on the top lash line and in the waterlines to widen the look. Use pencil for more precision that would be an awesome thing to have.

6. Wide Set Eyes

To create more space between your eyes, draw a thicker line in the inner corners and a thinner line in the outer corners. That is an illusion that is created with the thicker look. So, to get that perfect look for this shape use a plush tip liner, for your bold line.

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